Discovery Edition

ExtraHop Discovery Edition is a free version of the ExtraHop platform that you can download and begin using in just 15 minutes. Ready for VMware, Hyper-V, and Amazon Web Services environments, this virtual appliance offers unique insights to help you manage your applications and infrastructure. Try ExtraHop’s free Discovery Edition today and learn how you can gain real Operational Intelligence from wire data!

  • Eliminate the Blame Game

    with shared real-time visibility across all tiers of the application delivery chain, from the first DNS request to the last byte served from storage.

  • Solve Problems Quickly

    with real-time, transaction-level details such as URIs associated with HTTP 500 errors, slow SQL queries, or the location of corrupt files in network-attached storage.

  • Reduce Rollout Risks

    for new applications with the ability to identify misconfigurations and other issues that are not visible to traditional APM tools.

  • Application Performance Baselines

    essential for making continual improvements, planning capacity, and architecting new application versions.

  • Scale Monitoring Automatically

    with ExtraHop’s passive 20Gbps solution with auto-discovery, auto-classification, and auto-dependency mapping.

Improve Operational Efficiency

ExtraHop is the global leader in real-time wire data analytics. The ExtraHop Operational Intelligence platform analyzes all L2-L7 communications, including full bidirectional transactional payloads. This innovative approach provides the correlated, cross-tier visibility essential for application performance, availability, and security in today’s complex and dynamic IT environments.

What is Wire Data?

Information off the wire is the best source of cross-tier visibility and the basis for real-time IT operational intelligence. The information needed for operational intelligence has always existed on the wire, but previously was not available in real time or in a way that was easily understood. The ExtraHop platform introduces revolutionary wire data analysis capabilities that make it possible—for the first time—to fully analyze the wealth of data that passes over the wire in real time and present it in a way that makes sense for any IT Operations professional.