systems integration lab



  • Serve as a “sandbox” environment for P1 technical services to test out new technologies, software versions, configurations, etc. This will keep the P1 engineering team in a constant state of learning and adaptation, helping us keep our clients “ahead of the curve” in the ever-changing IT solutions landscape.
  • Allow our clients to test out new equipment in our lab before committing to full investment. P1 now has the ability to provide demos to our clients in real-time on some of the newest technologies available in compute, networking and storage.


  • Verify new technologies with leading IT engineers to see if there is a good fit prior to full investment.
  • See for yourself what kind of ROI you will see from new products, processes and techniques. Need to compare two products without the marketing fluff? We can help.
  • Test interoperability of new technologies with existing equipment to ensure you make the most educated decision, helping to provide maximum value to you and your business. Spend your budget intelligently – Test, analyze and deploy with top technical talent and best practices there to support you at each turn.

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“The P1 team designed, architected, implemented and delivered the Isilon solution without any further intervention from myself or anyone else on the Nexon team. Nexon America has determined the P1 team to be a stellar and valuable asset to our storage delivery strategy and plan to continue to work with them on future projects because #1, the P1 team knows what they are talking about and #2, the P1 team understands Nexon America’s business needs. I would recommend P1 to any potential client seeking a team that can deliver such high marks in both knowledge and expertise.”

Darryl Dugan
Manager of Information Technology

Monthly Lab Highlight

EMC’s Isilon Storage

Scale-out NAS storage that delivers increased performance for file-based data applications and workflows—from the highest performance I/O-intensive applications, to primary and secondary storage, to nearline archives—all from a single file-system architecture.