Backup, Recovery & Archive Assessment

P1 Enterprise Data Backup & Data Recovery - IT Continuity

Ensuring the continuity of an organization’s technology infrastructure is critical to business today. Technology interruptions can jeopardize business processes and negatively impact revenue, long-term growth and brand image. Furthermore, weak recovery processes put both employees and customers at risk. Our enterprise data backup and data recovery services solve this problem.

The P1 Data Backup, Recovery and Archive Assessment helps organizations:

  • Determine technical barriers that prevent meeting established SLA’s.
  • Implement efficient, repeatable and cost-effective processes for backup, recovery and archive delivery and management.
  • Categorize applications according to how critical they are to business function.
  • Assess storage technologies and their ability to support deduplication, replication, end-to-end data integrity, load balancing and failover.
  • Develop an implementation roadmap – Detailed step-by-step

Along with the key benefits listed above, P1 utilizes a “best-fit” approach to ensure that backup, recovery and archive solutions play to an organization’s strengths, aligning business objectives and goals with technology initiatives.

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