Infrastructure Consolidation & Refresh

P1 Expert Data Consolidation & Server Consolidation Services

Are you stuck managing a bunch of separate technology stacks? Have you considered consolidating your infrastructure into a pre-tested, reliable server consolidation solution? Our engineers will analyze your current environment and determine what existing components can be utilized as part of a new integrated solution and then consider new infrastructure and data consolidation additions. The goal is to simplify management, improve efficiency, and deliver reliable performance to end users.

Benefits of Infrastructure Consolidation

Infrastructure consolidation is the idea of one stack – one management console. Move towards greater efficiency and simplistic management by consolidating existing gear, integrating components to form one cohesive system. Can your environment run better? With more efficiency? How about with greater management simplicity? Begin utilizing your infrastructure as a tool for business growth, not business strain. Infrastructure consolidation offers the following benefits:

  • Incorporate Existing Hardware
  • Consolidate “Separate” Systems
  • Greater Management Simplicity
  • Increased Application Performance
  • Server Consolidation – Lower Utility & Space Requirements
  • Reduce IT Strain and Burnout
  • Future-Proof your Infrastructure
  • Capacity, Efficiency and Function!

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