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Recognizing that each organization is unique, P1 Technologies provides IT solutions that are specifically tailored to our client’s needs. Our technology portfolio encompasses “best-of-breed,” niche, and emerging technologies. We pride ourselves on delivering “best-fit” information technology solutions that accelerate business growth and align technology, applications, processes and people as equal parts of a complete solution.

Our origins of expertise are storage and accompanying solutions such as backup and recovery, disaster recovery and archive. We have since evolved to include compute, virtualization and cloud solutions as well.

Active Archive

Active archive addresses the challenges of accessibility, flexibility and data preservation found in traditional archive methodologies.

By combining open systems, applications, disk and tape hardware into one integrated solution, an Active Archive environment provides a persistent view of archive data, making it much easier to access files when and where they are needed.

Big Data

The storage and management of a company’s big data has become unwieldy and complex. It is estimated that 2.7 zetabytes of data exist today…with over 90% of that created within the past few years. How do you control so much data?

A complete solution considering automation, scale-out potential, intelligent management capabilities and analytics is P1’s answer to big data initiatives.

Cloud Services

There are an overwhelming number of cloud offerings these days. Determining which is most applicable to your business can be a daunting task.

P1 Technologies can provide a deeper understanding and educate our clients on the differences between varying cloud services. In addition, we assist in the development of public and private clouds, plan initiatives, design solutions and lead implementation activities. Whatever your objectives are in implementing cloud services, P1 is there to help.

Converged Infrastructure

A Converged Infrastructure solution removes the risk, cost and complexity commonly found alongside new infrastructure deployments by combining modular, “best-of-breed” technologies that are seamlessly integrated, simple to manage and backed by field-tested and proven reliability.

Simplify your infrastructure by deploying a pre-validated, integrated infrastructure solution incorporating servers, storage, network, data protection and management.


Virtualization lets a single physical resource appear as multiple logical resources. Virtualization has become the top IT strategy for one reason: Business value. A fully virtualized data center delivers simplicity and efficiency gains once thought unattainable.

Virtualization positions infrastructure groups to quickly meet the capabilities and scalability the business demands to maintain agility and competitiveness.

WAN Acceleration

Wireless Area Network or WAN Acceleration solutions overcome common challenges such as limited bandwidth, latency due to distance and dropped packets due to congestion.

Whether you want to move to the cloud, centralize storage and servers or move towards a more virtualized environment, P1’s WAN Acceleration solutions are here to help.

P1 IT Solutions - Information Technology Solutions