Active Archive

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Active archive addresses the challenges of accessibility, flexibility and data preservation found in traditional archive methodologies.

By combining open systems, applications, disk and tape hardware into one integrated solution, an Active Archive environment provides a persistent view of archive data, making it much easier to access files when and where they are needed.

Data Protection

Proactive verification of data at rest, encryption and geographical dispersion of content are key features in any archive solution. These three elements are critical when considering data integrity over time. P1’s active archive solution seamlessly integrates these considerations to ensure data integrity regardless of file type.


Traditional archive solutions assume static content. With the continued growth of data analytics and the monetization of content and data, it has become necessary for these archives to become “active.” Retrieving data in a timely manner and conforming to modern business workflows is of paramount importance to business today. To ensure consistent performance, our active archive solution relies on advanced caching algorithms and virtual file systems to serve files when and where you need it.


Active archives use an intelligent software layer to allow applications to interact with a number of varied storage technologies. In other words, active archive extends the file system over heterogeneous storage mediums and presents it to end-users as one unified file system, allowing for data to reside on the most appropriate storage tier.


The ability to scale is much more affordable with an active archive solution. By abstracting the file system from the infrastructure, you are able to match particular files to specific tiers based on the file’s characteristics. This allows organizations to leverage less-expensive storage such as tape for less frequently accessed data. In addition, storage devices and media can be added or removed without impacting the accessibility of the data.

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