Converged Infrastructure

P1 Converged Infrastructure - Expert Data Center Management

A Converged Infrastructure solution removes the risk, cost and complexity commonly found alongside new infrastructure deployments by combining modular, “best-of-breed” technologies that are seamlessly integrated, simple to manage and backed by field-tested and proven reliability.

Simplify your infrastructure by deploying a pre-validated, integrated infrastructure solution incorporating servers, storage, network, data protection and data canter management.


Proven infrastructure is pre-validated to deliver predictable performance that helps to simplify management while reducing risk. Technology sprawl over time leads to a complicated web of integration and management. Remove this complexity by focusing your infrastructure services on a single proven converged infrastructure technology stack.


This data center management solution increases application availability while maximizing network, compute and storage resources. Personnel productivity consequently increases, enabling infrastructure operations groups to do more without increasing head count.


A Converged Infrastructure solution is designed for Virtualization. These solutions are modular at every later (network, compute and storage). IT departments are no longer burdened by the management of the underlying infrastructure and can instead realize the true value of virtualization.

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