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The storage and management of a company’s big data has become unwieldy and complex. It is estimated that 2.7 zetabytes of data exist today…How do you control so much data?

A complete big data storage solution considering automation, scale-out potential, intelligent management capabilities and analytics is P1’s answer to big data initiatives.

What is big data?

Big data is a term used to describe data that cannot be managed or processed using traditional database architectures. It can be any data type, structured or unstructured, ranging from hundreds of terabytes to petabytes. These massive data sets can provide value to an organization, but only if they have analytics tools in place to organize, process and interpret the results. The value that big data storage solutions can provide through analytics can quickly be replaced by frustration if the proper considerations are not addressed during solution design.

How do you store and manage big data?

To handle data on such a large scale, P1 employs a multi-faceted approach focusing on automation, scale-out potential, intelligent management capabilities and analytics to provide clients with not just a solution, but a full “big data ecosystem.” Our big data solutions allow companies to add capacity as needed with little to no additional cost or implementation hassles. True scale-out storage is the only way to effectively manage existing big data and ensure that resources will be available for “bigger data” in the future.

Darryl Dugan

Darryl Dugan

Manager of Information Technology at Nexon America

Big Data Testimonial

In short, Nexon America is not an easy customer…After several unsuccessful fits with EMC products – Celerra, ATMOS and Avamar – Nexon was ready to remove EMC from their environment completely. It wasn’t until after a successful meeting with P1 Technologies that Nexon agreed to consider EMC’s Isilon solution. The P1 team designed, architected, implemented and delivered the Isilon solution without any further intervention from myself or anyone else on the Nexon team. Nexon America has determined the P1 team to be a stellar and valuable asset to our storage delivery strategy and plan to continue to work with them on future projects because #1, the P1 team knows what they are talking about and #2, the P1 team understands Nexon America’s business needs. I would recommend P1 to any potential client seeking a team that can deliver such high marks in both knowledge and expertise.

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