Established in 2009, P1 Technologies is an innovative IT consulting team of enterprise architects with deep cloud expertise. Our MISSION is to provide unsurpassed value to our clients through the alignment of their business goals and IT infrastructure.

We employ proven methodologies to determine the right balance of on-premises and cloud infrastructure, for a total solution that is seamlessly integrated, simple to manage, scalable and reliable. Our customized model is vendor neutral by nature and leverages equal parts of conventional and emerging technologies, applications, processes and people, for a result that is truly “best-fit”. 

Your company’s data is a valuable asset. It should not be a costly burden. Let p1 Technologies deliver an infrastructure solution for your business by unlocking the power of your data and easing your IT load.


We love what we do and surround ourselves with people who feel the same. This culture drives passion, success and a rewarding experience that inspires excellence.

At P1, our priority is to be a great partner. We know that only when your goals are achieved can we say that we have succeeded. P1 Founder and CEO Aaron Cardenas is unwavering in his commitment to putting people first. This is not a slogan; this is a standard that define p1. Every member of our team embraces this guiding principle and we know that requires consistency in delivering on our Cornerstones – without fail – everyday!  


INTEGRITY Do the right thing. Even when it isn’t easy, popular or profitable.

Integrity defines what we do and how we interact with one another, our clients, vendors and the community. From our expert engineers to our sales and service teams, we are dependable and do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.

SERVICE We are a service provider at our core – from architecting infrastructure that powers some of the world’s most recognizable brands – to providing computers for at risk community members to help them advance their skills, gain economic independence and sustain success for their families.

Every interaction is an opportunity to exceed customer expectations, overcome challenges, and build loyalty through deep partnerships. Our highest priority is to make everyone we serve feel empowered and appreciated. Very simply, we put people first. This includes our clients, colleagues and community. This is a standard that defines us and every member of the p1 team embraces this cornerstone as a guiding principle.

EXPERTISE What truly sets us apart is our world-class engineers. p1 CTO Jeff DiNisco leads a team of engineers who came from industry, meaning they are not just brilliant, but they also understand and what it is to live and work in today’s IT organization. They also adhere to our core values, which means you not only have an expert in your corner, you have a champion who will always act in your best interest. And, p1 engineering is continuously advancing it’s competencies through training, while developing and testing vendor solutions in our own validation laboratory.

OBJECTIVITY p1 was founded on the principle of advocating for and empowering clients to make IT infrastructure decisions that are strategically aligned with their unique business goals and without manufacturer or technology bias.  We believe your infrastructure should fit your business requirements, not our partner’s quarterly sales goals.

p1 will always seek to understand your specific technical and operational requirements before proposing a solution from a portfolio of technology partners encompassing both conventional and emerging technologies and which have been individually assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and their applicability in a variety of customer environments.