P1 Technologies IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

Our mission is to provide unsurpassed business value to our clients through the alignment of business and IT infrastructure strategies. Our “best-fit” solutions model is vendor neutral by nature and allows technology to be utilized as a catalyst for growth, employing technology, applications, processes and people as equal parts of a complete solution. The expertise of our executive, technical and customer service teams empowers clients with resources at every stage of engagement to ensure maximum business value over time.

Our engineers are both broad and deep with regard to their IT infrastructure consulting experience and talent. They are capable of either leading or complimenting our client’s existing technical resources. The following are some of the professional services we offer to clients.

Backup, Recovery & Archive Assessment

Ensuring the continuity of an organization’s technology infrastructure is critical to business today. Technology interruptions can jeopardize business processes and negatively impact revenue, long-term growth and brand image. Furthermore, weak recovery processes put both employees and customers at risk.

Data Center Migration

Is your storage solution out of date? Or are you trying to move your data from one location to another? Either way, P1 has a service to fit your needs. The safety and integrity of your data is of the utmost concern to our engineers. We have a lot of experience around migrations and have developed a repeatable process for migrating data efficiently and safely.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Simply creating a disaster recovery plan results in a misleading sense of security. The only way to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of a disaster recovery plan is to test it. The P1 technical team will go through each step of your DR plan and ensure smooth operation. In addition, verifying your disaster recovery plan will raise awareness internally so you will be that much more prepared if the plan ever needs to be put into action. Attain DR peace-of-mind, contact P1 today.

Infrastructure Consolidation/Refresh

Are you stuck managing a bunch of separate technology stacks? Have you considered consolidating your infrastructure into a pre-tested, reliable converged infrastructure solution? Our engineers will analyze your current environment and determine what existing components can be utilized as part of a new integrated solution. The goal is to simplify management, improve efficiency, and deliver reliable performance to end users.

Solutions Design & Implementation

This service is centered around our “best-fit” solutions model where our technical team analyzes business needs and objectives and then designs an integrated solution to best address those concerns. Begin utilizing your infrastructure as a tool for business growth, not business and employee strain. Want to learn more? Contact P1 Technologies today and begin the journey to better performance, improved efficiency and management simplicity.