Public Cloud


Discover and assess your existing workloads and instead of just re-hosting them, transform them to take full advantage of native cloud services.


Bring the design to life with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) so you can test, validate, and iterate quickly.


Eliminate error prone updates, maintenance, and problem resolution through automation.


Offload cloud infrastructure administration and automation to P1 so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, P1 can meet you there

Whether you’re 100% in the public cloud or just considering a migration, the P1 Cloud Services Group can help you along the way.

Clearnote Health

The ClearNote Health team was operating a mature epigenomic pipeline in AWS when they came to P1.

See how we helped them improve developer velocity without sacrificing scalability or security.

AWS Migration Acceleration Program

P1 can do more than migrate your apps to AWS; we can secure the funding you need to get there.

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  • AWS Migration Evaluator discovery
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Workload interdependency analysis
  • In depth cost modeling


  • KPIs and success criteria
  • Select from 7 x R’s of migration
  • TCO and business case
  • Landing zone deployment

Migrate and Modernize

  • Execution and validation
  • Further cost optimization
  • Fully automate and operationalize
  • Iterate and accelerate
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Cloud Compliance and Optimization.

The public cloud deployment model has enabled us to accelerate our businesses, but it’s also drastically accelerated system proliferation and made it nearly impossible to keep up.

P1’s Cloud & Clear is an in-depth but consumable assessment focused on the four areas that are most important to security execs and admins:

  • User access
  • Publicly accessible resources
  • Network perimeter
  • Logging

For enterprises that need more than just an assessment and want to operationalize the process fully, we turn to CloudCheckr.

Find out if you’re eligible to receive CloudCheckr at no cost as part of our AWS-managed service offering.