Test like never before.

Validate IO Profiles, workflows, and data sets.

Test-drive the latest hardware and software.

Lab Vision

The p1 Lab is a testing environment for new technologies, software, and configurations.

It allows:

  • Our continuous learning and development
  • Staying current in the IT solutions industry
  • Trying out new equipment before investing
  • Real-time demos of the latest computing, networking, and storage technologies


  • Quickly and safely verify new technologies with leading IT engineers to determine fit prior to full investment.
  • Determine the ROI you will experience from new products, processes and techniques.
  • Need to compare two products without the hassle? We can help!
  • Test interoperability with existing equipment to make informed decisions and maximize value for your business.
  • Efficiently and economically test, analyze and deploy new technologies, guided by a world-class technical team that supports you at every turn.