P1 Lab

Test like never before. Validate IO Profiles, workflows and data sets, and test-drive the latest hardware and software.

Lab Vision

The p1 Lab serves as a “sandbox” environment to test new technologies, software versions, configurations, and more. This supports the p1 engineering team in their constant quest to learn, develop and adapt, and keeps our clients “ahead of the curve” in the ever-changing IT solutions landscape.

The Lab also allows our clients to test out new equipment before committing to a full investment. p1 has unique ability to provide clients with real-time demos on some of the newest compute, networking and storage technologies available.


The benefits the p1 Lab offers clients is clear:

  • Quickly and safely verify new technologies with leading IT engineers to determine fit prior to full investment.
  • Determine the ROI you will experience from new products, processes and techniques.
  • Need to compare two products without the hassle? We can help!
  • Test interoperability of new technologies with existing equipment to ensure you make the most educated decision and the result provides maximum value to your business and your team.
  • Efficiently and economically test, analyze and deploy new technologies, guided by a world-class technical team that supports you at every turn.