Being of service is a cornerstone that lies at the heart of p1 Technologies professional and civic driven mission. CEO and Founder Aaron Cardenas is committed to investing in and supporting our community. So each year, p1 Technologies partners with local organizations to improve and advance the lives of individuals and families throughout Southern California. We gratefully acknowledge that every gift p1 makes is possible with the support of our valued vendor partners and clients.

Here’s a look back at the impact p1 Technologies has made in recent years:

Human-I-T Computer Lab at the Century Villages at Cabrillo

In honor of our clients and partners, p1 Technologies made a donation to human-I-T. As a result of this gift, 20 fully refurbished computers complete with Microsoft Office and Windows 10, were delivered to a new community computer lab at the Century Villages at Cabrillo. These workstations may be used by students to help them achieve academic success, single mothers searching for job opportunities to provide for their families, veterans learning computer skills to help them transition into the civilian workforce, and senior citizens enrolling in healthcare. 

p1 Technologies continues to partner with human-I-T to bring awareness of and encourage other businesses to support their mission.

human-I-T is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to shrinking the digital divide – or the gap between those with access to technology and those without. They provide low-income households and nonprofits with computer systems, broadband internet, and digital training. Donations empower recipients to create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and the community at large. By reusing instead of recycling electronics, human-I-T also protects the environment by diverting thousands of pounds of e-waste from landfills every year.

19th Annual Providence Saint Joseph Golf Tournament

As a father of four, p1 Technologies’ CEO and Founder Aaron Cardenas is dedicated to supporting youth in our community. As a sponsor of the 19th Annual Providence Saint Joseph Golf Tournament, p1 Technologies gift helped purchase life-saving equipment for neonatal and pediatric services at the Saint Joseph Medical Center.

“Support for the center is vital to providing the best possible care for patients at a time when Healthcare in America continues to change and challenge us. Our medical center, its foundation, and the volunteer members of the Golf Classic committee are deeply appreciative of your support. The doctors, nurses and patients of Providence Saint Joseph benefit greatly from your kindness.”

Elizabeth A. LaBorde, CFRE, Vice President, Executive Director

Typhoon Haiyan Relief

The central Philippines was devastated by “Super Typhoon Haiyan,” which took the lives of more than 5,200 people and left a trail of destruction across the country. The United States provided critical relief to the victims of this typhoon by shuttling goods to hard to reach parts of the central island. But many residents were still left without a home, food and water, or clean clothes. p1 Technologies decided to step-in and help by gathering and shipping clothing to individual families affected by the storm.

In addition, p1 donated much needed funds to support victims through local programs where families from less-affected regions families who lost everything to live with them for a week. Together, these families worked to rebuild and recover while sharing some holiday cheer with these exhausted and hungry community members.