Data Protection

Ensuring the availability of mission critical applications and the integrity of related data is vital to business success. p1 Technologies knows Data Protection.

Service interruption and data loss can negatively impact business process and jeopardize revenue and brand image. Further, insufficient recovery procedures and contingency planning can put both employees and customers at risk. Partnering with p1 Technologies to build a comprehensive data protection strategy for your business will keep your systems running, and your customers satisfied, when you need them most.

Back-up, Recovery and Archive

No one loves backup, but all organizations know they must have the ability to recover from data loss or corruption, quickly and consistently.

Too often, initial cost and day-to-day management of backup software are given the most consideration when choosing a data protection tool for the business. While both are key considerations, the greatest value of data protection platform is the measurement of how quickly and efficiently recovery can be achieved when data loss or corruption occurs. Too often, this critical factor is missed or undervalued in the selection of a backup platform.

When you partner with p1 Technologies to architect a data protection solution for your organization, we’ll ensure that the ability to restore your data quickly and reliably is given the full consideration it demands.

The great news is that recent innovations in backup and archive technologies have improved both routine operations and catastrophic event response for administrators! These new solutions offer simple management platforms and take full advantage of cost-savings and efficiencies such as data reduction, direct public cloud integration and workload instantiation. Now you really can “have your cake and eat it too”, with a modern backup and archive solution designed by p1 Technologies.

p1 Technologies’ proven process for backup software and architecture design begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine the relative value of your data and thorough analysis to ensure recovery SLAs are met during critical moments:

Categorizing applications and data according to business value
Determining technical barriers that prevent meeting established or desired SLAs
Identifying archivable data to shrink active backup sets and reduce daily operational impact
Assessing storage technologies and data protection software options to determine the “best-fit” combination that meets your budget and service-level requirements
Developing a detailed implementation roadmap for the selected technologies, including recovery testing

p1 will help you choose from a variety of technologies and strategies to implement a best fit DR solution for your organization, or fix the DR plan you already have:

Runbook Icon
DR Runbook Authoring – Developing required SLA’s and how to meet them
Evaluation Icon
Evaluating current DR systems and identifying issues including HW/SW Limitations & Application interdependencies
Disaster Recovery Technology Icon
New DR technology evaluation, selection and implementation
Disaster Recovery Implementation Icon
Disaster Recovery Implementation and Validation

Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately, many disaster recovery (DR) plans are inadequate. Worse, all too often these shortcomings are only discovered during a significant failure event, just when the solution is needed most. There are many reasons why an enterprise’s DR plan comes up short including:

  • Insufficient budget for proper design and test
  • Changing or misunderstood service-level requirements
  • Varying infrastructure components
  • Unknown application inter-dependencies

It is easy to be discouraged because there are many others. Luckily, It doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether your enterprise currently lacks a DR solution, or you aren’t sure the existing DR plan will perform when called upon, p1 Technologies’ data protection team provides the solutions and services you need to ensure that your organization is prepared for almost any failure.

We have extensive experience with a broad array of disaster recovery tools and the expertise to design a DR solution to achieve your SLAs within budget. Sleep well at night, knowing you’ve partnered with p1 Technologies to build and test a DR solution that works when the disaster is real!

Data Protection Data Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan Testing

The best way to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of a DR plan is to test it regularly. p1’s data protection engineering team will put your DR plan through its paces when the stakes are low so it will be there for you when the stakes are high. We’ll identify errors and/or omissions in the plan that may prove costly in the event of a disaster, and we’ll offer fixes to ensure it will work seamlessly when needed. Regular DR plan testing also has the added benefit of raising the awareness of your team. Specifically, it clarifies roles and responsibilities within the process and identifies gaps that must be filled, ensuring a well-orchestrated response in the event of a significant outage. Contact us today to test your DR plan!

The availability and integrity of data is vital to your enterprise’s success. 

Contact p1 to secure your data and your success.