Introducing Cloud & Clear

A Brief History of System Deployment In technology, systems proliferate. They didn’t always, at least not at today’s pace. Deploying a new system used to be a physical process. It would require approval throughout the organization. You had to consult the data center manager, the network team, finance, and procurement. It required planning and took […]

Data Protection with Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Part VI – Replication

Overview Throughout this series we’ve examined the functional and cost impact of different deployment options for Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) in AWS. We’ve also looked at the options in the use context of Data Protection and DR. As mentioned in the introductory post of the series, these are the most likely use cases among existing […]

Data Protection with Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Part 1 – Introduction

Overview Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) is a software defined storage (SDS) platform from Network Appliance that runs in the public cloud. It’s supported in all three major public clouds, AWS, Azure, and GCP and is one of two cloud offerings from NetApp. The other is Cloud Volumes Service which is a fully managed file service, […]