Benefits and uses of all-flash storage in the M&E workflow

Introduction The advantage that Flash-based storage in general, and NVMe in particular brings to the M&E workflow is the ability to disconnect the scaling of performance from the scaling of capacity.  This can be used to patch non-optimal workflows (valid use of the technology when done intentionally) but it can also be used to deliver […]

Understanding the Cost of EBS Snapshots

It’s Simple It’s simple, just go to the EBS Pricing page. You’ll find some answers here but you might be left still wondering about a few things. It shows that Standard Snapshots are $0.05/GB/month in us-east-1 (we’ll discuss Archive Snapshots in a later post). It also states that “EBS Snapshots in the Standard tier are stored incrementally, […]

Introducing Cloud & Clear

A Brief History of System Deployment In technology, systems proliferate. They didn’t always, at least not at today’s pace. Deploying a new system used to be a physical process. It would require approval throughout the organization. You had to consult the data center manager, the network team, finance, and procurement. It required planning and took […]